LED High Bay Lighting

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Do you know how to choose the most suitable LED high bay from China?
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If you are planning to reduce energy and retrofit your present HID with LED, or if you are going to install LED lights in your high-ceiling facilities, what will you think of? LED high bay lighting.


LED high bay light is a kind of energy efficient technology, which is designed to reduce energy, provide environmental protection. The high bay LED lighting is suitable used in high-ceiling facilities, wide open areas, warehouse, manufacturing facilities, cold storage, sports gymnasium, retails shop, transportation, agriculture area, etc…..


We have more than 4 years experience in LED high bay light field. We like to share with you some useful tips on choosing the most suitable LED high bay.


  1. Selecting the supplier who is focused and professional on high power LED industrial lighting. Although many factories claim they can make the high power LED high bays as you requested. But it is not so easy to produce high quality and good price LED high bay light. Many factors we should consider in making the high power LED high bay lights, such as lumen efficiency, lighting distribution, price, warranty, stability, maintenance, etc. Please choose the experienced supplier, whose main product is LED high bay and has lots of experience in this field.
  2. Choosing the most efficient wattage for your project.

A: Please care more the lumen instead of the wattage. Even for the same wattage, lumen output might differ a lot in different factories. For example, factory A produces 150W LED high bay with 70lm/W and price of US$190/pc, while factory B produces 120W LED high bay with 108lm/W and price of US$200/pc. Which factory should we choose, of course, it is smart to choose B factory, since the LED high bays from B factory are more efficient and more competitive to achieve the same light.

B: You can mix the same facility with different wattage of LED high bays.

C: Choosing the suitable lighting distributions. An open area and narrow area such as aisle will require high bays with quite different beam angles.  LED high bays with 120 degree reflector will be suitable for open area, LED high bays with rectangular beam angle will be more suitable for applications such as aisle in cold storage.

  1. Easy maintenance if light fails.

Please consider the maintenance supposing the high bay LED light fails. It will be troublesome and cost you a lot if one light is hard to replace when stop working.

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